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A call to the “Decade of the Resurrection”  

Let us discover together the greatest Christian witness in history, a global celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. 

The launching of the “Decade of the Resurrection” is at hand. We need you to play your part. Ten years (2023-2033) to prepare together the celebrations of the 2000 years of the resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter 2033.


Global Gathering, Cartagena Colombia

Wednesday night to Friday evening, March 8th to 10th 

The Global Gathering in Cartagena is aimed at Christian leaders (Pastors, Christian movement leaders, Worship leaders, influential artists, politicians etc.) from Spanish-speaking Countries and North America. Additionally, Christian leaders from around the world are warmly invited. 

Together we prepare for the launch of the decade of the resurrection. We will be engaged in cross-cultural and interdenominational worship and prayer. Experience inspirational teaching, keynote sessions, workshops, social time, networking and testimonies. 

Location: Dorado Plaza Hotel****, Cartagena (

Expected number of persons: 300 persons +


The cost include the following:

  • registration & global gathering fees
  • stay in a double room in the Hotel Dorado Plaza****
  • 3x dinner, 3 x breakfast, 2 x lunch
  • coffee breaks and snacks in the morning and afternoon

Fees are according to the university of the nations A-B-C list

  • Country A:  COP 1,600,000 (approx USD 380)
  • Country B: COP 1,100,000 (approx USD 240)
  • Country C: COP 750,000 (approx USD 180)
  • No hotel, with meals: COP 750,000 (not staying at the hotel, meals included)
  • No hotel, no meals: COP 600,000 (not staging at the hotel, no meals)
  • YWAM Cartagena: COP 250,000 (not staying at the hotel, meals included)



Friday night, March 10th 

The Global Gathering will end with a wonderful celebration, looking towards the Decade of the Resurrection. 

Location: in one of the local churches of Cartagena (TBC)

Expected number of persons: 1000-2000 persons +

*Cost: an offering will be taken during the evening, to cover the costs for that celebration.



Prayer & Fasting 

Saturday to Monday, March 4th to 6th (by invitation only):

3 days of prayer and fasting aimed at intercessors, prayer partners, ambassadors and worship leaders. We want to prepare the Global Gathering, by seeking the presence of God. There is no program for these 3 days apart from praying together 3 times a day for one hour. 

Location: YWAM-base, Cartagena

Expected number of persons: 50 – 100 


  • YWAM : YWAM base multi bed rooms (COP 42,000 - USD 11) per night, no food provided
  • Hostel (approx. COP 115,000 - approx USD 30 per night)
  • Hotel (approx. COP 225,000 - approx USD 60+ per night)


Ambassadors Day 

Tuesday to Wednesday, March 7th - 8th midday (by invitation only):

These 1.5 days are aimed at JC2033 Ambassadors or persons who would like to learn more about becoming ambassadors in their countries or spheres of influence. The program includes plenum sessions, testimonies, discussions in language groups, teachings, and strategizing sessions.

Location: YWAM-base, Cartagena

Expected: 100 – 200 persons


  • YWAM : YWAM base multi bed rooms (COP 56,000 - USD 15) per night, including 3 meals per day
  • Hostel (approx. COP 115,000 - approx USD 30 per night)
  • Hotel (approx. COP 225,000 - approx USD 60+ per night)


Join us from around the world to be inspired and equipped for the journey toward 2033! 



Some Christian leaders from around the world love to be part of the Global Gathering in Cartagena in order to bring their experience back to their own countries and mobilize Christians for the Jubilee of the RISEN ONE. However they don't have the funds to cover the international travel as well as the Gathering expenses. Therefore we are looking for sponsors, persons who are willing to pay for one or more persons from countries B and countries C to attend. Our policy is that each participant will have to pay something towards the gathering. 

We propose:

  • $500 (covers the gathering costs 4 - 10 March and a small contribution towards international travel)
  • $333 (covers the gathering and pre-gathering costs 4 - 10 March)
  • $250 (covers the gathering costs from 8 - 10 March)


I want to sponsor a Christian Leader (click here):




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