JCFriends Staff

  Olivier Fleury 230.png

 Olivier Fleury

Founder and Director





Sylviane Fleury 230.png


Sylviane Fleury





Jason Hollinger 230.png


Jason Hollinger

 New technologies





Barbara Allan

Office Manager




Martin Hoegger 230.png

 Martin Hoegger

Relations with the historical churches





Anouchka Hollinger 230.png


Anouchka Hollinger

Events and Arts






Sandra Schenevey

Administration and Logistics




P T1


Paul Thompson

Communications and IT




Philippe Prodhom 230.png


Philippe Prod'hom

Treasurer of the Association JCFriends




Mathias Rambaud 230.png


Matthias Rambaud

Secretary of the association JCFriends




Team JC2033 2017