In Quebec, a JC2033 committee was created under the leadership of Pastor Laurent Gerber. Interdenominational and motivated, this committee will work to forge links between the churches, in order to bear witness together to the resurrection of Christ.


Each year millions of Christians from around the world join together for a week of prayer (2022 - January 18 thru 24). They cross over  geographical, denominational and theological boundries in their common search to recognise the unity of Christ.


This year our Global Gathering was held in Egypt at the Coptic Monastery Anafora, 85Km outside Cairo, northwest along the desert road. It was a memorable week as we lived the JC2033 values ​​of unity, witness and celebration!


JC2033 Global Gathering, Anafora, Egypt Day 3 - Anafora, October 2, 2021. The theme of unity was the common thread running through the third day of the Anafora International Gathering in the desert of Egypt. Together with the Egyptian Council of Churches, the JC2033 movement reiterated the importance of reconciliation for the mission of the Church.


 JC2033 Global Gathering, Anafora, Egypt Day 2 -The second day of the international meeting in Anafora, Egypt (1. October 2021), organized jointly by the Egyptian Council of Churches and JC2033, is devoted to the theme of the resurrection of Christ.