Hollinger Family Move

Hollinger family 2017 low

Jason and Anouchka Hollinger have journeyed with Jesus Celebration since 2010 when Olivier first made the public declaration in Israel to celebrate the 2000 years of Jesus’ resurrection.

While accompanying Olivier to the USA in 2012 and then translating the vision book to English. Jason finally decided to leave his day job in 2015 as a technical writer and go “all in” developing the technical communications of JC2033. These past three years together with Anouchka’s focus on arts and events, they have helped establish the backbone of JC2033. Understanding life in light of the “death and resurrection” of Christ has become a tangible daily reality shaping their own understanding of the JC2033 vision.

They have decided to venture back to Jason’s homeland of Canada in July 2018 where for the next six months they plan on settling the family. By January 2019 they hope to be operational for further involvement uplifting the vision in North America. We thank the Hollinger team wholeheartedly for their professional and personal contribution and look forward to the next chapter of their leap of faith.