Brussels 2019 Gathering


 We had a blessed time at "Light up the World" from November 26th to 29th at "Bethanië Christelijke Kerk" Brussels, Belgium. This year’s focus was on equipping the delegates of the 15 countries, to be able to return to their home countries as Ambassadors of Jesus Celebration 2033. We were pleased to reach our goal of 80 participants; 43 international delegates attended for the duration of the entire gathering.

After the presentation of the essentials; the vision, the values and the DNA of Jesus Celebration 2033, the delegates were split into regional working groups. The personal conference notebook helped individuals to answer their questions and to guide them along a process to become an Ambassador.

Unity In Diversity

Guests from different denominations, board members, staff and participants brought us into the presence of God each day by sharing meditations, testimonies and offering prayer and worship. With such a diversity of people representing different Christian traditions, it was a rich and varied time. We heard many encouraging testimonials from Vilvorde and also from around the world. 

One Loving Family

A beautiful demonstration of this diversity came during our prayer time for the world. A delegate from Bangladesh prayed with much enthusiasm and vigor, punching the air and clapping his hands as he petitioned heaven. The next person to pray was our dear brother and co-worker Protestant Pastor Martin Hoegger who immediately saw the humor of the contrast in prayer styles as he brought a tender, soft-spoken, more solemn prayer to the group. The whole time was characterized by this beauty in diversity as we came together as Christians in one loving family. 

Russian Reflection

One delegate from Russia; a Journalist; described the time perfectly, "The result was a multi-colored mosaic with a touch of cultural differences" (See below for the full article).

The open evening showed, how challenging the work of unity in a multi-denominational and divided world can be. This struggle is a tangible part of our work but also an opportunity and a platform for dialogue and reflection. It is not about believing the same thing but about celebrating the risen Christ and His presence as we gather together.

A Time For Reconciliation

The reconciliation evening with testimonies from a Catholic Bishop and a Syriac Orthodox Deacon was heartwarming. The evening ended with the staff washing the feet of representatives of the Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran and Pentecostal church, demonstrating that we want to serve them.

Wow, what a wealth!

In addition, 15 volunteers from the Bethany Church contributed with their time and contributions  to cooking, dining, coffee, accommodations, praise, translation, etc. The ministry of care and hospitality was exceptional.

We have created this web page as both a resource and memory of our time together.

What a privilege to share this time together! - The Jesus Celebration Team