Brazil: "A Revival" in football stadiums!


Two weeks before the famous Carnival, on Saturday February 8, 2020, waves of young people converged simultaneously on three stadiums to live twelve hours of praise and teaching and to be empowered for  world mission, through a National Campaign at the "The Send Brazil".

A few months before that, more than 140,000 young people with an average age of 24 years, stormed the booking website to reserve entry tickets. In less than six hours, they broke the speed record for full pre-booking for the first stadium. Even the “Seleçao”, the national team of Brazil, did not succeed in accomplishing such a feat during the ”World Cup”,  in its own country!

To stay in the figures, these are all the people who were on the waiting list to enter these stadiums. More than two million people from almost all countries watched the event on their screens, via the Internet.

The police and the army protected the area around the stadiums when, literally, streams of young Christians came out of the metro or bus. The happy human tide was advancing towards two stadiums in Sao Paulo and a third in Brasilia, the capital.

The fervor, passion and joy of these Brazilians struck me. The praise was vigorous, as much in the decibels as in the artists' performances! The sermons were passionate: more than 200 speakers on three sites. The objective? Call, train and send 80,000 new missionaries from Brazil.

With “The Send” the novelty is that seven “competing” missions have chosen to pool their strengths and their call in a common event for the Kingdom of God. Result: a spiritual awakening in the stadiums. Their slogan is unequivocal: "Make War on Inaction"! 

I am happy to have participated in these two events in 2019 in Orlando, Florida and in 2020 in Brazil.

We are considering how JC2033 could partner with "The Send" in the future? What is certain is that it prepares the new generations to work together in their witness of the Risen One ... before 2033!

After these two rallies, the organizers decided that we must reach Europe. This is why the next event, “The Send” will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, in June 2021.

Olivier Fleury


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