Soon 16 Languages!



The hope of the resurrection is the fuel for the  translations of the book about the  JC2033 vision.. Half a dozen translators are busy, followed by dozens of proofreaders who go through hundreds of pages to make accessible a book filled with faith, hope and love in 16 languages

Urdu from Pakistan, Swahili from Central Africa and Ukrainian are three of the six languages ​​being published. The next three are Hindi, Nepali from Nepal and Bengali from Bangladesh. All should be available in PDF (electronic format) by mid-September, some even in hard copy. This corresponds to 856 million potential speakers.

Why Such an Acceleration?

While the original French version took 8 years to be written and finally published in 2015, the English version came out a year later. Today, 10 languages, representing 4 billion 366 million speakers, are already translated and printed:

  1. French, 2. English, 3. German, 4. Dutch, 5. Italian, 6. Spanish, 7. Portuguese, 8. Arabic, 9. Russian, 10. Chinese

The acceleration of  the next 6 languages ​​is due to four key factors:

The development of the network of ambassadors who need support for the transmission of the vision of celebrating the 2000 years of the Resurrection.

The organization of a Regional Gathering in Nepal next September for South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal)

The arrival of Rose-Blanche Gentet at the Swiss office to follow up on translations, the quality of proofreading and printing contracts.

The use of the English version and no longer the French version as the base manuscript for the translation greatly facilitates the search for good translators.

A race against time without compromising on quality.

The genesis of a new translation requires a precise framework and a relationship of trust with local partners. In October 2021, following our World Gathering in Egypt, several JC2033 Ambassadors from different languages ​​asked us if it was possible to start the translation in their countries. A process, now well-oiled, was put in place in January and the translators were able to begin their painstaking work. The goal? Translate, proofread, format and sometimes print six new languages ​​by the end of September 2022. Here is where we are:

Languages, ​​     Readers,          Situations              Cost /

Swahili             200 million        Layout                      CHF 2,500 / 1,800

Hindi                230 million        Proofreading            CHF 2,500 / 2,000

Bengalis           200 million        Proofreading            CHF 2,500 / 2,200

Nepali              16 million          Translation                CHF 2,500 / 2,000

Urdu                170 million        Translation                CHF 2,500 / 2,370

Ukrainian         40 million          Translation                CHF 2,500 / everything is already paid

TOTAL             856 million                                        CHF 15,000 / 10,370 still to be found



We are already under way in Nepali this is Madan who is leading the translation team in Nepal  

Would you like to make this vision available in any of these countries?

On average, the costs are distributed as follows for a budget of CHF 2,500.- per language:

CHF 500.- for translation

CHF 250.- for proofreading (several)

CHF 500.- for the layout (graphics)

CHF 1,000.- for printing

CHF 250.- for expenses in Switzerland

What if it was you, your family, your church or your company that financed the translation, proofreading or printing of one of these languages?

You would be a blessing to thousands of people, so they may hear the good news.