Argentina, a country of great contrasts


Buenos Aires, an increadible oasis of the Rio de la Plata Delta, the beautiful  capital with its Parisian-inspired architecture, the growing suburbs that cluster along the main roads and the green exteriors of the city where nonchalant horses delight in grassy grass. But it was clearly the warmth of the people that touched us the most.

The Grain of Wheat

At the invitation of Anne-Christine Bataillard, former director of "Grain of Wheat International", we seized the opportunity to experience Easter 2022 almost at the antipodes.

For an entire day, a dozen people involved in a ministry for children, expressly invited by Anne-Christine to El Sembrador Park, reflected on how JC2033 could integrate the global vision of a ministry to children. The current international director of the Grain de Blé, Rob Hondsmerk led the discussions and asked questions that challenged us as much as JC2033 as the collaborators of the “Grain de Blé” and its guests. The fruits of this day are many:

IMG 932

  • Opening of a deep dialogue with the Evangelical Alliance of Latin America (22 countries) thanks to the contacts of Marcos Oszurko, director of Grain de Blé in Argentina.
  • Achievement of an agreement with the “Grain de Blé” International in the USA to use their foundation (501C3) in order to allow American donors to support JC2033 in Switzerland.
  • Reflection on a possible trip to the Netherlands to share the vision of JC2033 through the contacts of Rob Hondsmerk.

“To preach on the resurrection, wherever the opportunity arises , is a great joy and a great privilege to share with local Christians”. Olivier Fleury was able to powerfully  announce the resurrection at “la Iglesia Libertador” whose main pastor is Jorge Ibarbalz. A man of peace, a key figure in the evangelical churches in Argentina, he opened his arms wide to us and allowed us to speak in his church. They also opened to us, thanks to their contacts, the doors of the Evangelical Alliance of Argentina (ACIERA).

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The Bongarra brothers

We should also note the relations with the Bongarra family, friends of Anne-Christine Bataillard.

Juan Pablo Bongarra, founder and senior pastor of the “Puerta Abierta” church invited Olivier Fleury to preach twice in his large Church. He also interviewed him on his weekly TV show,

which airs throughout Latin America. He also organized a strategic “Zoom” with men of peace, prominent figures among South American evangelicals. You will find the show as well as a testimonial from Juan Pablo on our YouTube channel.

Luciano Bongarra, a man of contacts in international political circles, invites Olivier to speak about 2033 a few weeks later in New York at a conference for ambassadors and diplomats. Unfortunately the dates did not correspond, Olivier had to decline the offer.. It is currently being considered to have this same conference in May 2023 in Geneva. To be continued…

Welcome home 

IMG 686

Marta and Alejandro Rodriguez, charismatic directors and founders of Youth With A Mission Argentina, received Sylviane and Olivier Fleury for a dream breakfast.

Yes, it is the same Alejandro who allowed Olivier to visit Pope Francis at the Vatican in November 2016. Jorge (Pope Francis) and Alejandro have been friends for several decades. They prayed together, ate together, did TV shows together. They continue to meet several times a year in Rome.

It was in their pretty house, with a table laden with typical Argentinian pastries and cold cuts, that we spent a delicious moment with Marta and Alejandro, an exceptional couple. This, when he had just returned, the day before, from an international trip of several weeks. We bonded so well that we spent the rest of the day and evening together. We visited part of the old town of Buenos Aires and ate delicious food in a typical restaurant.

Also worth noting is the great connection with Ivan Salazar from YWAM Ituzaingó (Buenos Aires). A young man with his heart on his sleeve. He is responsible for the “Ready Set Go” ministry which shares the Gospel and its values ​​with children through sport. He helped us, served us, encouraged us on several occasions. This is certainly not the last time our paths will cross.

The YWAM family is like a big family. We felt like we visited some beloved cousins ​​we hadn't seen in a long time.

 The Río de la Plata Delta

The capital of Argentina is located on the edge of the Rio de la Plata which flows into the Southern Atlantic.  A huge delta has formed just upstream. The lush meanders filled with exotic wildlife seem impenetrable. Anne-Christine, Solenn (her granddaughter who is travelling), Sylviane and Olivier were invited by Vicente and Alejandra D'Angelo. He, a successful entrepreneur and she, a lawyer and professor at the University own a charming house on stilts in the Tigris (delta area) accessible only by boat.

For 48 hours, out of time, we can fraternize and share on the transforming power of redemption. Olivier and Sylviane give Alejandra a “Risen” necklace representing the resurrection. She  received it with tears. Indeed, Alejandra was due to  undergo a delicate operation a few days later. This symbol of life, worn around her neck, will  give her courage and hope to pass this ordeal.   She  will be a grandmother for the first time, a few weeks later.IMG 702

The operation went well and the baby arrived in great shape: an adorable little girl, Olivia!

In this southern epic, several other people have been a great blessing for JC2033 and the Fleurys. Impossible to name them all… Even if we don't know if we will ever return to Argentina, it is clear that this beautiful country, and all these precious people, will remain very dear to our hearts. 

Thank you Argentinians...