Montreal 2022




"Sorry, I do not have time !" This is exactly the response you expect from a great leader. Laurent Gerber from YWAM Quebec did not give us much hope with his involvement for JC2033, 3 years ago.

Since then, Laurent has done unexpected work:

  • A multi-ecclesiastical committee has risen (see blog).
  • The Bishop of Joliette, Mgr Louis Corriveau sent Lucie and Sébastien Cloutier on mission for 2033 (blog).
  • Events have been carried out at Easter in a sugar shack, in prison or in homes for people with disabilities.
  • As a pastor, Laurent has arranged chair exchanges where pastors testify in Catholic churches and priests in evangelical churches. This kind of exchange is rarely seen in this Catholic land.

When we had only been in this beautiful Province for 24 hours, what an immense joy to meet face-to-face with this famous committee, to participate in a public meeting in Montreal to transmit the vision and encourage everyone to commit themselves as ambassadors of the resurrection. The fruit of this evening seems to be that many want to start the faith adventure of  2033, in their region.

Thank you Laurent for not having time...

 Ambassador Commissioning Video (French):