The Taizé Community and JC2033


Brother Alois, the Prior of the Taizé Community wrote to us asking that JC2033 participate in the preparation of a "Gathering of the people of God", which should take place in October 2023, in Rome, as a stage of the "synodal journey". of the Catholic Church. This ecumenical prayer, especially with young believers, will express our common belonging to the Risen Christ.

  “At this time when tensions and violence are increasing in the world and when divisions between Christians persist, sometimes even within our own Churches, we feel even more strongly at Taizé, the urgency of taking a step towards visible unity. of Christians," Brother Alois confided to us.

Our new JC2033 ambassador; Christel Woestelandt participated from November 13 to 15 in a preparation meeting in Taizé. Here is his experience:

“Newly 'engaged' in the JC2033 project, here I am already on the road... towards Taizé (ecumenical community of brothers of 30 different nationalities). Welcomed with kindness and attention by a brother who inquired about my language of exchange, I settled in my dormitory. At meals, I heard  Polish, German, Swiss and Italian spoken, ... but this is not a barrier because the brothers, experienced in this exercise, are there to translate. Language; no longer separates us... and this is all the more true during prayer where we find ourselves singing in languages we do not know! What a beautiful unit!

“I am amazed to see all these denominations (with such different traditions and cultures) rubbing shoulders, agreeing, sharing the same ideas or complementing each other.... What a beautiful sign of Christian unity! Together, united by the Spirit, we discuss an ecumenical gathering in Rome next year (the Catholic Church having placed the year under the sign of “synodalism”)

“2033? Many have heard of it! Those who don't know, find the idea excellent.... The movement is launched, all that's left is to fan the fire so that everything ignites in 10 years! »

Christel Woestelandt familleWho is Christel Woestelandt?


I met Jesus when I was 16 at a Christian camp where I didn't want to go (nothing is impossible with God!). Of Protestant faith, I met my husband, a Catholic, in a group of young Christians from this camp. We had three children: two are Catholic and one Protestant. Ecumenism is lived within my family. After living 30 years in France, here I am in Switzerland, in Fribourg land where Catholicism (religion in general) is much more present than in France. I then also discovered a certain separation between Catholics and Protestants; however, for some years now, I have felt a desire for unity, hallelujah!

Christei and her family.

Invested for more than 10 years in the catechism, I have always worked for ecumenism in this context. Today, I would like to work even more for unity. I think ecumenism is the future of Christian churches. Of course, JC2033 really goes in that direction.

Showing and letting our joy, drawn from the treasure of Faith, explode. It is a beautiful image for others to want to discover this treasure. To manifest this joy in unity, what a beautiful message for those who are in rebellion against the Church.

Image: the Taizé Community in prayer in the Church of Reconciliation


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