2023: An Historic Pentecost in Jerusalem


On Pentecost 2023 in Jerusalem, Olivier Fleury represented JC2033 at a celebration with several international missionary and prayer movements. They affirmed the decade leading up to 2033, the 2000th anniversary of Jesus' Resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

On stage, facing the millenary steps at the foot of the Jerusalem Wall, Jason Hubbard, Director of IPC (International Prayer Coalition), spoke with conviction of the importance of this day, the first Pentecost of the decade leading up to 2033!

Each speaker spoke of 2033 and the decade that must be used to pray, evangelize and make disciples. Nicky Gumbel (Alpha International), Rick Warren (Finishing the Task), Mike Bickle (International House of Prayer) and Mark Anderson (Call to All and Youth with A Mission) had sent videos that were screened live to signify their great enthusiasm for 2033 and the decade leading up to it.

Between moments of praise, several times of prayer marked out this celebration. One of those times was led by Billy Wilson (Empowered21). After an enthusiastic introduction to the opportunity for world evangelization represented by 2033, he invited on stage the leaders of the movements which have a world vision for 2033: Werner Nachtingal (GO), Solomon Lujan (The Seed Company, IllumiNations), Henri Cappello (Global 2033), Anja Letsetsi (Global voice of Prayer, James Hwang (One Billion Souls Harvest)

A surprise of the Spirit!

Let's listen to Olivier Fleury's experience:

“For my part, I move to the very top of the slippery stairs – where in the year 33 according to a tradition, the apostle Peter would have proclaimed his famous speech of Pentecost – to have an overview.

I then raise a simple prayer: Lord, I am so happy that these leaders integrate (finally) the opportunity of the 2000 years of your resurrection. Give me to understand my place, and also the place of JC2033 in this beautiful adventure around 2033!

It is true that lately questions have been jostling in my mind to understand the place of JC2033 in the world Christian chessboard.

After 16 years of sharing the idea of celebrating 2000 years of the resurrection of Jesus, I see that concrete initiatives are beginning all over the world. Many of the world's largest missions are planning their goals and actions for 2033. (See the meetings on the importance of Easter 2033 in New York, and in Rome.

After Billy Wilson's invitation, everyone then joined the stage. As the guests take their places at his side, he continues:

“…and I would also like to ask Olivier Fleury to join us in praying for this decade. »

Wow, I didn't expect that, because I wasn't in the celebration program! Surprising to see God answer only a few minutes after my prayer! Nevertheless, it seems to me that my place is there, on stage, with these leaders, although I am not at all prepared. On stage, I am indeed the only one in shorts among my colleagues… in front of millions of viewers !

Kneeling in humility with these influential leaders just before praying, I feel the stage shake. Later in the day, I will check with my friend (Nadine Roumi from Jerusalem) if there was an earthquake that morning… But no, nothing to report! Did the Holy Spirit shake the platform? In any case, my knees shook and when I took the microphone to pray for this decade around 2033 in front of this crowd, I was powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit”.

A Pentecost sprinkled with water and Spirit!

The thousand participants gathered under a steady rain to experience this celebration. This unexpected rainfall in this season was highlighted by the Israeli Messianic pastor Asher Intrater (director of Tikkun):

“When we talk about the latter rains, it can in the best case come at the end of March or the beginning of April, but never at the end of May. Do you realize that this is quite exceptional!

While we had come from the four corners of the world for this celebration in this historic place, we did not receive tongues of fire on our heads like the disciples at Pentecost. However, we have all, without exception, been sprinkled with water...baptized by the gentle rain of God's love!

To learn more about this celebration, here is a video of the highlights: https://youtu.be/vRlOU-Hw_6M 

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