A call to Nepal

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Do you want to be part of an amazing faith adventure in Nepal? 

Nepal is a country with one of the fastest-growing churches, especially the evangelical and charismatic churches. Over the last decade, the Christian population has increased by 40%. On June 3, the Government of Nepal released caste, ethnicity, and language stats based on Census 2021. As per the data provided by the Government of Nepal, Christianity is rising in the country. Based on the report the Nepali population who follow Hinduism is 81%, Buddhism is 8.2%, Islam is 5% followed by Christianity 1.7%.

It was after the introduction of the multi-party democracy in 1990, that the Nepali church began to multiply, but attempts to convert others remain illegal as of 2023. 

The expansion of Christianity is a controversial subject in Nepal, and Nepali Christians have been subject to sporadic violence and widespread social exclusion. It is frequently reported in Nepali media and political discourse that missionaries offer the poor population material incentives to convert. Still, research has indicated that most Nepali Christians convert for reasons other than contact with missionaries. 

Despite the legal restrictions, Nepali Christians take the few opportunities they have and celebrate their feasts (such as Christmas and Easter) with great passion, and joy. Many of them are first-generation Christians and they are passionate about their newly gained hope, and they share their life stories in extremely creative and courageous ways.

Do you want to witness yourself what the Lord is doing in Nepal? 

Do you want to know how you can catalyze the 2000-year Jubilee of the Resurrection in your own country?

Do you want to encourage and sponsor Christian leaders from South Asia?

Then be part of it! Don’t miss this opportunity and participate in the JC2033 Global Gathering in Kathmandu from 19th to 22 February 2024. 

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