A wonderful team, led by Mike Mobley, had concocted a bold, varied and dense program for the JC2033 Swiss Team. They prepared the ground for us, as if we were VIPs. They have housed us, nourished us and richly blessed us. For this trip, Daniel Gonvers and Aurore Girardet accompanied Olivier Fleury on this journey.


The best and the worst are concentrated in this city of sprawling power. The prices are staggering. Some neighborhoods are teeming with people who  are dressed to the nines. In others, practically the  abandoned areas, live the recluses of society, miserably shoving their only possessions into a stolen supermarket trolley


Chile is a small strip of land over 6000 km long wedged between the sea and the Andes mountain range. From the Atacama Desert to Cape Horn resides a gentle and cheerful people of almost 20 million. In our desire to transmit the JC2033 vision in the Americas, Chile is an essential country.


Buenos Aires, an increadible oasis of the Rio de la Plata Delta, the beautiful  capital with its Parisian-inspired architecture, the growing suburbs that cluster along the main roads and the green exteriors of the city where nonchalant horses delight in grassy grass. But it was clearly the warmth of the people that touched us the most.



The hope of the resurrection is the fuel for the  translations of the book about the  JC2033 vision.. Half a dozen translators are busy, followed by dozens of proofreaders who go through hundreds of pages to make accessible a book filled with faith, hope and love in 16 languages