They opened their arms and hearts to us! The Egyptians' sense of hospitality and fraternity is very touching. Olivier Fleury, Founder of JC2033 and Marianne Roche, who recently joined the team, came back from Egypt very enthusiastic after a one-week stay at the beginning of December 2020.


We would like to introduce you to the multitalented Joanne Suardi. She has been working with the JC2033 project since January 2020 and has already achieved so much.


Released at Easter 2021 the "RISEN" line of jewelry.
These jewels represent the resurrection!
The empty tomb.
The tumbled stone.
The cross overturned.


March 27, 2020 is the exact day between receiving the vision in Sydney in 2007 and achieving the vision in the world in 2033! We just had to do something and despite the restrictions and challenges what a celebration we lived together. All Glory to God!