As JC2033 is a non-profit ministry with volunteer staff your financial support is crucial in aiding the vision move forwards. If you would like to make a donation, please use the IBAN and BIC below. If you would like to know more about JC2033's financial management please fill the form.

To make a donation to the association of "JCFriends":

Bank account: 14-719937-0

IBAN : CH12 0900 0000 1471 9937 0



Designation: JCFriends, Saint-Prex


Financial Partners

Jesus Celebration 2033 is a road that leads to worldwide celebrations of the 2000 years of the resurrection of Jesus Christ that will take place in all countries and among all peoples on Easter Sunday in 2033.

In order to grow and develop in the nations, Jesus Celebration 2033 is looking for partners, in prayer and finances. Your support is crucial for the development of this vision. We are therefore looking for financial partners who regularly support Jesus Celebration 2033.

Become a financial partner!

We propose to establish a partnership between Jesus Celebration 2033 and you or your church or business. We also wish to be at your service, we aim for a real exchange.

Partnerships can be chosen between "Bronze", "Silver" or "Gold"?

Bronze”: CHF 20.33 per month

     Benefits: quarterly news, 1 copy of the Jesus Celebration 2033 book. Supplementary books 10% off.

Silver”: CHF 203.30 per month    

     Benefits: quarterly news, sharing in your church if desired, 5 copies of Jesus Celebration 2033 for free, supplementary books 30% off.

Gold”: CHF 2’330 per month                      

     Benefits: as Silver and in a meeting, we will decide how best we can support each other.

financial partner

Thank you for your generosity!



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